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New Minimalism Is The Balance Between Simplicity & Richness.

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The other day I read somewhere the New Minimalism is the balance between simplicity and richness. It is quite true but the more I think about the quote the more clear I am that it is not a new concept. If we look back to early 20th Century we see Art Nouveau and especially Art Deco embracing this concept very gracefully, though Minimalism was born many years after.

Simplicity and richness is indeed what I like to experience in design, any branch of design, especially if color is a strong feature in it. To illustrate my point, the Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan is a good example of it. The house was designed by Piero Portaluppi and built in 1930’s.

The metal frame is indeed my favorite detail on this spatial design. It is as if the walls are wearing a simple silver necklace.

Geometry within asymmetric space.

Perfect harmony between the materials, like the marble on the floor, and the suitcases decorating the hall, as if they were made specially for decoration's sake.

Gold and geometry – a perfect balance between opulence and rhythm.

I love sliding doors - Spaces breath differently.

The door frame is again what catches my eye.

The formula to achieve simplicity: texture and geometry.

When luxury meets timeless.

With all this, I believe Art Deco is back. Do you?

All photographs by Giorgio Majne via Flickr.

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