Eliana Tomaz

The Buddhism Gallery.

Eliana TomazComment
This is one of my favorite space gallery in the V&A Museum. It brings together many spatial features that I really appreciate in interiors:
- The enfilade arrangement;
- It’s an amazing natural light spot;
- The walls color, which challenges the classic white walls;
- And it links very gracefully two distinct areas of the museum:
its core (if I can call it this way) and the Sackler Centre where amazing lectures, talks and other educational events always happen.

One Entry.

There is another reason why I just love this shade of blue – it is as if the sculptures are in the horizon surrounded by an amazing blue sky.

The Other Entry.

Enfilade A series of rooms linked together without the use of a corridor or other circulation space. This was the normal spatial arrangement within all buildings before the seventeenth century and is nowadays particular noticeable in galleries established in European stately homes. This form is still the normal arrangement of spaces in most museums and galleries. (definition from the dictionary of interior architecture and design)

Gallery name - The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation.