Eliana Tomaz

Applied Texture.

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Applied textures is the act of applying a textural material to a surface with the intention of aesthetically enhancing the surface to determine the character of the space.
In this case, in an act of deconstruction, textures (or part of them) were removed to aesthetically enhance the previous function of it.

Textures may be used to define a certain area in order to make it distinct from the surroundings. However in this space it becomes the surroundings’ itself.

If textures are kept as original, the space becomes an alive form which challenges our perception of spatial functions.

The wall surface's so rich that the windows symmetry is completely ignored. The sun light brings both very gracefully together, doesn't it?

This specific space is (or was, I am not sure if it still exists) a gallery in London Southbank, right behind the OXO Tower.

Rich Texture, Simple Form.

The Old & The Old – The Rich & The Rich, all depends the context. Which one would you chose?