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Talking Design #2 - “Clients are their own curators”

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Talking Design – it was indeed all about design and all the variants that make good design happen in the business world.

Alasdhair Willis is the CEO & Founder of Established & Sons which was launched in April 2005. He has attended art school although his first job was selling advertising for magazines. That led him to publish one of the best ever in the design world: Wallpaper* magazine which we all know, we all bought and we all got inspired by.

Established & Sons is a platform for British designers (or Britain based) which was born when he realized a diversity of talent floating in the market. As he said, their “role is pretty much to represent and support within business”.
There’s a special reason why they stand out so well and successfully though: they celebrate who the designers are, their individuality; and in return designers respond with signature pieces, inspirational design and experimental approach. It is a marriage in a real sense of the word: trust, support, failure, victories; and all based on unity.

I will share this Talk further, but for now I leave one of my favorite pieces commissioned by Established & Sons and my favorite question by Alice Rawsthorn:

"Where does your inspiration come from?"
His answer couldn’t be more confident
“creating something with content”.

Kebab lamp by Committee.

First time I saw their work was back in 2006 @ Design Museum London, - My World exhibition.

In the meantime click here to see the new (online) collection called Estd by Established & Sons which doesn't have the designers name attached (though you have a guess), giving them more freedom to explore and experiment areas the haven't tried before.

A very pertinent talk I’ve attended back in February with John Maeda and Alice Rawsthorn about creative leadership.