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Eclectic Gervasoni.

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Gervasoni is an Italian furniture brand which design stands out very gracefully. Mainly outdoor furniture, their design is quite eclectic with a retro twist. I find it just perfect for small holiday houses, cafés by the beach (specially if they're hidden away from the general public eye) and cosmopolitan terraces (surrounded by high bushes).

Sweet 16 sofa, Sweet 41 coffee table, Sweet 27 chair.

Sweet 102 – Sofa in handwoven giant calamus.

InOut 44 pouf – I can see these all over the place in café terraces by the beach. Can you?

Sweet 27 chair is probably my favorite chair by Gervasoni. They style pretty well the space around a swimming pool.

Beautiful armchair – InOut 109
It reminds me SPAs from the 60’s / 70’s. Well, it really reminds my home town. Click here to see some photographs. Next time I go home, I promise I’ll photograph exactly what I’m trying to say here.

I’ve posted about Gervasoni back in February. Click here for more.