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Business Cards.

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We could be all in the blogosphere, twitter, facebook, linkedin and other virtual networks I can’t remember (or probably didn’t come across yet) but there’s nothing like to hand in the old fashion business card.

On Sunday I sat for a couple of hours to redesign my blog banner and my new business card, though I can’t decide which one I should pick. I’ve designed over 80 different layouts and came to this last 4 designs.

It would be lovely if you tell me which one you think more interesting and eye catching.

As always, simplicity is the best way to be distinguished.

Size: 55x55mm.

I want to keep the square format, which I have since 2001, and the colour blue, as to me it represents the infinite, fluidity, imagination and creativity.

People will remember easier your business card then your name. And if your business card outstands from the conventional format, easier they will get your name. Do you think I’m achieving it here?

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank You.