Eliana Tomaz

Swivel It - Play With It.

Eliana Tomaz2 Comments
If I need to detail the house of my dreams, it will have for sure swivel doors.
I like the idea that they’re fixed (in a vertical axis), but at the same time very playful - you can avoid shadows or allow them in the space and if they’re like these ones, in white lacquer, you can use the shinny surface to mirror the light in (or out).

I like the way the building outside is mirrored on these doors. Again, the space becomes engaging and alive. A simple surface is a vehicle of playfulness in a space.

These ones I’ve photographed today in the Minotti London showroom are in white shinny lacquer both sides, but if in two different colours you can make the space even more engaging and playful.

It’s the simplicity in design that always catches my eye. Simple backgrounds like these doors / blinds are perfect to style the space with eclectic objects we buy, others inherited and bold colours to give a trendy touch.