Eliana Tomaz

Style With Bonacina.

Eliana Tomaz3 Comments
Years back Pierantonio Bonacina was introduced to me. I was working in Portugal and this rep came along to show me a beautiful catalogue with Bonacina furniture - Love first sight. In one word I say ELEGANCE.
It’s a very difficult brand to sell: not everyone understands it I guess, but it’s the right design if you’re looking for that spatial jewellery, if I may call it this way.

It’s a brand for contract I would say. Hotels by the beach are indeed the perfect scenario. It’s a very delicate design with a strong personality. See it for yourself, and share your thoughts.

Of course, colours and textures are always very important to define the style. Lately I’ve been thinking red and blue: dark red and dark turquoise to be more precise.

Bonacina designs are quite unique. I really see it like a piece of jewellery you wear for a special occasion.

This time I thought it would be more interesting to style the concept with “people” to express how and where exactly I see this furniture, colours and textures surrounded with.

Yes, tulle! What can I do? I love tulle. It’s so charming!

This chair is perfect for a balcony.

Imagine this long chair in a terrace facing the sea: how beautiful shades would they design on the surroundings?

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