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RODA – Love First Sight.

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Maybe because Spring just started (apart in Great Britain) everyone has been looking for garden furniture, including myself though I don’t have a garden.

I was introduced to this beautiful Italian brand – RODA – designed by Rodolfo Dordoni a couple of months ago. It was love first sight. It’s amazing the way he mixes materials without losing beauty and elegance. You can tell RODA breaths Italian charm.

I look at this images and I feel an eclectic vibe, though very unique. Well, in the end of the day what makes eclectic style special is its uniqueness, isn’t it?

Colours and textures are rich, materials unpredictable and forms very balanced – it is indeed a brand to keep an eye on. I will update you after the Milan fair, which will happen this month. I’m so looking forward to visiting it.

RODA doesn’t have only beautiful furniture, but they have the best catalogues ever. Everything is set in the right space, with the right light. You flick through it and the only think in your mind is yourself seating there having a nice gather with family and friends tasting the best wine in a late sunny afternoon.

This furniture, or maybe the catalogues, reminds me James Bond’s Casino Royale movie.

If you’re in the UK, you can find RODA at EDC, London.

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