Eliana Tomaz

Poltrona Frau @ Milan Fair 2010.

Eliana Tomaz2 Comments
Poltrona Frau wasn’t in the fair like everyone else. They were in Durini Street, Milan's centre where apparently furniture showrooms gather. Their collection was spread in 2 spaces: on the ground floor the brightest collection and on the lower ground floor a more classic colour collection.

Once again, the pallet was quite bright: turquoise and red - a very sexy combination.
Check out the rug - stunning! It had this very old look (though I don't thing it was) bright colours, washed and very baroque inspired.

If you’re looking for a leather sofa, Poltrona Frau is indeed the one to look for. Their heritage is unmistakable.

Even with such splash of colour the brand doesn’t lose its elegance.

What I want to enhance here is the headboard detail: next to perfection.

Showroom overview.

For some reason I love to compare interior design to fashion, and for me button down sofa is like the Birkini by Hermès - a must have classic.

Modello 261c – Museo Storico Poltrona Frau, 1918 (Tolentino, Italy)

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