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Inspired by Casino Royale.

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I am a movie lover. To spend an evening watching it (sometimes for the 5th time rewinding my favorite moments) relaxes me, inspires me and teaches me a lot. Sometimes I don’t watch movies just because they’re great stories but because they’ve the best scenarios.

I remember when I was a kid and James Bond was the Sunday afternoon movie (still is actually), I would stare the TV screen making sure I wouldn’t miss one single moment. At the time I didn’t like the most famous secret agent in the world: it was too much fantasy for my own reality, BUT I just couldn’t miss all those beautiful, chic and ultra modern spaces.

Get inspired with the elegance always outstanding is every James Bond movie.

The richness of colours and textures are simply breathtaking.

This is the type of scenario where Roda furniture fits in perfectly.

This is one of my favorite views – love the way space and scale are so beautifully placed. In this image you can feel the textures, colours and light: all perfect.

M’s house: an intellectual, avant garde women whose house is a perfect balance between modern icons and Art Deco touches.

A little moment in the Bahamas which colonial architecture is a statement in a British movie.

Cars, don’t we all love cars?

This image is so powerful, so much details in an almost monochrome background. But the curved line makes it distinct from other pictures.

Little side note: Casino Royale was written after Ian Fleming visit (an enjoyed) the Estoril Casino in Portugal. Back then it was one of the most well known Casinos in Europe.

All the pictures were printed directly from the movie, which I own.