Eliana Tomaz

Giorgetti @ Milan Fair 2010.

Eliana Tomaz4 Comments
Giorgetti is this type of furniture you either love or hate. You won’t be indifferent to it. The brand breaths luxury to its highest level. Everything is detailed, chairs are austere and you won’t sink on a sofa to watch your favorite show – you just seat on it to indulge yourself as if you’re driving a Maserati.

I find Giorgetti perfect for hotels (5 stars or above of course), high profile offices, home offices and for a social living room.

Love the vertical lines on this sofa.

All their furniture forms follow round shapes making the furniture extremely inviting.

Another brand giving touches in red – It is indeed a colour to bear in mind for 2010.

Beautiful corner, isn’t it?

I reckon this is not the best photograph I’ve ever taken, but I want to illustrate here my point that this is a great brand if you’re specifying a CEO office or maybe an attorneys firm. What do you think?