Eliana Tomaz

From: Milan. To: London

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Just arrived in London. As the world knows, European airports’ are closed. Last Thursday my 7.15am flight took off. Apparently only four flights were allowed to (and mine got a lucky star), as the north of Europe was being invaded by this massive volcanic ash cloud.

My trip to Milan supposed to be 3 days to explore and enjoy the most wanted furniture exhibition in the world. Plans have changed: Saturday at 8am we all took a mini bus to London. 15 hours drive: good fun, great views.
In one day I had breakfast in Italy, break in Switzerland, lunch in France and a very late dinner in London: couldn’t be more international.

I’ve spent one day and a half in the fair and one afternoon in Milan city centre visiting all possible furniture shops and other venues where we could find the latest collections and what’s trendy in our world. Sadly I didn’t photograph a few brands I was looking for, as I tend to leave for last the best, but I will definitely post about it.

I'm off to edit my photography gallery.
Stay tuned.