Eliana Tomaz

Anthropologie – London.

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First time I heard about this American shop was in the blogosphere. Sadly, at the time it didn’t exist in London and my plans to go to the US were very vague.

Last October a huge Anthropologie opened in Regent Street. Every time I have a moment to indulge myself with cute things and good memories, I definitely pop in.

These tiles were just a trend in Portugal – colours and patterns. My aunty had similar ones in her Kitchen.

This shop is perfect if you’re looking for that little eclectic detail, a special gift, or even if only looking for inspiration.

This space reminds my grandmother’s kitchen. I used to play in there.

Love this spot - the tiles, the off centre display and the colours are just perfect.

Love the vertical garden. Its 200 sq meters ‘Living Wall’ contain 14 different plat types.

This is the only shop in Europe, so if you’re planning to come to London, don’t miss it.
I would love to see this shop in Lisbon more precisely in Bairro Alto. It would be a success.