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Reading Is A Very Personal Thing.

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Last Tuesday I went to The School of Life in London to attend this course on “How To Read” by Cathy Haynes .

When I first read about the course’s content I thought “maybe I’ll find answers for my endless questions about ‘technicality of reading’ or ‘am I reading as I suppose to?’ or ‘how can I read faster?’ and another one that really bothers me ‘am I getting the message in here?’

It was a three hour course where we discussed the benefits of reading, dangers of reading and what to read next. We’ve touched social anxiety, which I believe we all suffer from: the ‘classics’ you have to read otherwise you’re tagged “illiterate” and the books we discuss but never read (loved this one); and we did very interesting tasks like “map your own reading history – and you’ll find out you went through different joys and woes, sources of encouragement, obstacles to pleasure and aspirations for future”.

In the end of the day, what I actually learned was that everyone is different; there are no rules on how we should or not do things. If you want to read a story fragment, read; if you want to read the same book every summer, just do it; and if your conclusion is different from your gig friend; let it be reading is a very personal thing. Let it grow on you. Enjoy the process.

Every time I buy a new book I write location and year followed by my expectations on that book (because we all judge a book by its cover). And when I finish it I write what I got from itit’s amazing how different my comments are. And more interesting is when you flick through a couple of years later.
Mark books, underline little details that make a difference to you, write comments or thoughts, draw and add lose pages you grab from different medias – make your reading a hobby not a duty.

I’ve given away many things in my life: bags, shoes, jackets, coffee machines, furniture I’ve designed, jewellery but never books. I’ve boxes and boxes in Portugal waiting to be shipped, but I could never give them away. Why is that?