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Growing Up In The Blog World.

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Since I started blogging, August 2009, I ask myself what I really want from & with it.

In the beginning it was to promote my portfolio as a designer and after a while I thought I had too many photographs from other designers, architects and artists’ work worth to post and talk about. Moreover I could as well exhibit my photography (therefore make it better) and express how these professionals inspire my work and aspirations.

Last week I read an article about a great designer on T Blog by New York Times that I wish I had written and photographed. Until that moment my philosophy was to contribute with something new to the blogosphere, even if only photographs. But then I thought "I didn’t write or phtograph it, but I have to share it - it’s too good not to". So I did (and I’m happy with my decision).

And this week, while I was digging on TED , my ‘pillow talks’, I thought again "too good not to share - they’re not about me, I didn’t write or photograph them, but they follow my blog’s subject: these talks are about design and somehow about spaces too". So, once again, I did: I’ve posted two fantastic talks by Stefan Sagmeister and Jacek Utko, and I look forward to posting & sharing many more.

Well, all this to say that I’m trying not to be too stubborn with my approach on how to blog. I take this little side project very seriously - I learn, I share and I team: three things I truly love to do. Maybe that’s why I’m so precious with what I’m blogging about. But then again, to change opinions is synonymous to growing up, isn't it?

I hope you enjoy my editing skills.

Looking forward to hearing from you.