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Welcome Tiger’s New Chinese Year I.

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When I was drafting my 2010 blog posts the first one coming to my mind was a special feature on the Chinese New Year as I knew I would have the perfect home to photograph. It belongs to one of my Portuguese best friends – Isabel da Mota.

Isabel lived in Macau for 15 years, among other countries. When she moved back to Portugal, she took with her every single piece of furniture and decoration she had collected in that energetic and colourful country.
Her home is one of the warmest, cosy and very welcoming I’ve ever been to. Everything is in the right space with the right colour and background. Nothing is over decorated because she knows how to do it in style.

Today I’ll post about her hall, a very important space in the house as it’s were we gather the first energy. And I can tell you this one has a very good Feng Shui.

The walls are covered with beautiful prints and photos telling interesting stories about somewhere in China.

Love this poster.

Detail everywhere.

The first frame from the top displays two envelops which married people give to single ones to wish a happy new year, as they believe the more you give the more you receive. Today this tradition has spread which means everyone gives the envelops to whom they care about to wish luck. In Cantonese they say KUNG HEI FAT CHOI LAI SI TAI LOI.

Hope you like it as much as I do.
Happy Metal Tiger’s New Year!

Next two days I'll post her living room and bedroom. Stay in touch.