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Thoughts On Seating.

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A chair for me is that object I always like to admire the aesthetics, comfort and texture. I buy a chair as if I’m buying a bottle of wine (just bought three last Saturday, chairs I mean).
Of course I end up with more chairs in the house than any other furniture piece, but then it gives me an excuse to use them for other purposes than to seat people on, and I must say this is one of the things I love to do with objects: to give them different functions.
Try to stack one on the wall pretending it’s a bookshelve – it’s really interesting engagement, I must say. Well, I have one!

This is the type of sketches I would love to draw.

Where I took these photos, there was a very nice food for thought text to go with the display, which I’m going to quote. Hope you find it interesting as much as I do.

“A chair, described as simply as possible, is an object that people use to sit in. Over the centuries, though, we have learned that the “common chair” serves far more complex purposes than than just providing seating for people.”

“There is, for example, the long tradition of thrones, ranging from relatively simple to grand in their design, whose effect is determined by their symbolic power. Today, however, when a chair for everyday use is monumentalized in a museum display and transformed into a celebrated “star”, we ask ourselves if it is important as a utilitarian item or as a work of art.”

“This applies particularly in cases where the chair articulates a truly unique combination of technical innovation and design expertise. Fantasy and humour, with which designers also approach the everyday object time and again.”

“As objects that are representative of their era, chairs generate images in our mind’s eye that inspire us not to judge them on the basis of how comfortable they actually are. After all, they have a very varied history, which is reflected in the acceptance they have gained (…)”

“So what do we expect from a good chair? What should it provide, what should it represent?”
Text by Dr. Thomas Schriefers - Cologne, Germany.

Now that I’m thinking about my work, I realized I’ve never designer a chair. Only armchairs and sofas. I’ll post soon an armchair I’ve designed many years ago in leather and stainless steel.

Two Different Chairs but both very beautiful.
Marcel Wanders
Michael Young @ Dezeen

Art installation with chairs.
Wallpaper Chair Arch Installation 1
Wallpaper Chair Arch Installation 2