Eliana Tomaz

Sketching & Brainstorming My Living Room’s Layout.

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I was very reluctant to post these sketches (because they’re not perfect) but then I thought: this is my style, the way I think, these are my sketches, although in my mind they’re always perfect.

Sometimes I wish I could sketch beautifully, with perspective, depth, colour, volume… those kind of sketches that look like photograph’s rather than drawings. But then I think “I can’t be good at everything, can I? I’m good doing other things like technical drawings, come up with concepts, starting projects, improve details, presenting ideas to clients, find the right furniture for interiors, among other little things.
So, these are sketches/ideas to change my living room/home office layout. As you can see they’re not in scale, which is something that drives me nuts, but I thought I should do it to challenge my comfort zone.

I have to say I haven’t measure my living room because I know if I did I would draw straight to autoCAD, but I promise I will update this post in scale (sometime soon).

I’m not sure if it’s better to get into the room straight to my ‘office’ or to my living space, as the first get’s very easily a bit messy.

I want to have my armchairs together, so this is not a good option. I wonder if I should leave it as it is… (1st sketch).

So, what are you good at? What would you like to be good at?