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Kung Hei Fat Choi III.

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Continuing our New Chinese Year celebrations, here’s more photos of my friend Isabel’s home, previously in Macau and now relocated in Portugal.

Bedroom. What kind of space is this?

What do you usually keep in there that normally you don’t keep elsewhere?
Who do you invite to come in?
What do you like to do in there that you don’t like that much to do elsewhere?
What’s the most secret thing you keep in there?
How big does a bedroom need to be to become perfect?
What do you first see in the morning when you wake up?
How do you style this space to be that special?

The green tone Isabel has chosen for her bedroom couldn’t be better: it reminds me bamboo, fields of bamboo. It embraces pretty well the dark furniture.

The bed headboard is (used to be) a screen. Perfect choice to give a new function to such beautiful object.

Beautiful asymmetric wardrobe design.

Isabel and I share many things in common and the attachment to object with history and stories to tell is one of them. Because of that I’m pretty sure someone very special gave this elephant to her.

I really like this little corner in the space. It’s as if in a different layer but well balanced.

I’m not sure where Isabel bought this chest of drawers, but it looks very much Portuguese: the style and the type of wood. Anyway, perfectly added in the space.

Keep scrolling down to see Isabel’s Living room and Hall.