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John Maeda @ The V&A Talking About Creative Leadership – Values Based in Art + Design.

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Yesterday evening I went to the V&A to hear John Maeda. To be very honest, I didn’t know too much about him. I had read a few things at Dezeen and the internet but nothing in depth. The main reason to make my way there was because the talk’s synopsis was very appellative: “…argues that in addition to science, technology, engineering and math, innovation also requires intuition, design, emotion, and art (IDEA).”

I left the museum pretty happy, I must say. The only thing on my mind was the answer for my endless questions about myself for many many years: “Who am I? Where do I stand in the professional world? Am I a designer? Am I a business woman? Why is my professional life such a saga? Why I am never satisfied with my professional achievements? Why do I always want to do and experiment every career path(within design and business)?” And finally I found my “raison d’être”. But this is to be discussed another time.

Back to his discussion: he questioned how technology took away from us the real 'body' feeling of things and how & why we should bring them back. How we can use art + design to improve business. How art + design is the basis to technology + business. Humanity and technology: where they do relate.

We all know art + design is the key to solve economic problems (I go even further saying it’s the key to solve political problems too). A few companies have had experienced the “art + design technique” – Yahoo, Google, Facebook, advertisement companies, etc but let’s be pragmatic to realize these are already creative businesses. In other words: we know it but it’s been difficult to apply it – the theory is written but everyone has been resistant to put it in to practice.

Now I raise another question mark, if I may.

I believe there’s something else we need to tackle: the yet gap to became a bridge to move forward. We, designers and artists must understand why everyone has been so resistant to put the car on the road. We are almost there, but not quite yet.

As J. Maeda said, this is the right time to do it. Let’s just do it.

PS – this talk and John Maeda have inspired me to write every week a column on my blog about my endless questions about my design + my business. Stay tuned and brainstorm with me on how we can make life even more beautiful through design + art together with business.