Eliana Tomaz

Alexander McQueen.

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Design. Spatial Design. What is it space? How can we define space? Does it need to be in between walls, or can it be within other physical boundaries?

Sometimes I like to think a dress creates a space as well. Not sometimes, actually. They really create spaces, though different from the ones we automatically imagine.

I’m a fashion lover. I always say the way we present ourselves to the world through fashion has exactly the same essence as the way we do it through a chair or a simple cushion at home – it’s just a matter of scale.

Today I've decided for the first (and maybe the last) to post 3 photographs of Alexander McQueen's creations. With this post I want to express my admiration for one of the most creative persons of the imaginary world. Alexander's dresses were little imaginary spaces full of confidence and aspirations.

These dresses were on display at Selfridges, London.

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