Eliana Tomaz

Cappellini @ imm cologne, Germany.

Eliana Tomaz5 Comments
There are brands in the furniture market that I believe everyone finds something to relate to. Cappellini is one of them. Whether is colour, form or materials there’s always something we would like to have in that space, space within space or other space. Enjoy the celebration of colour and form, because function at Cappellini has a different meaning.

A chair is a chair. Its function is to settle down whomever needs to be settle down (is this proper English?). For me what makes a chair standing out from each other is its aesthetics. This one in particular shouted out laud to me “have a seat” – and I did. It’s so comfortable, inviting and (of course) so stylish that now it’s on my furniture wishing list.
A spatial design tip if I may: this is the right chair to have in cold spaces like the dentist waiting room, by the accountant desk or maybe in the attorneys meeting room.

This is another example of great design. I can assure you that this is a super comfortable chair, designed by Nendo (one of my favorite architecture and design practice in the world).