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Restyling To a New Home Office.

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This project was completed over four years ago, but every time I look at this space I feel it was just styled. The orange together with stainless steel balances the space.
Everything in here was part of another one in my clients’ previous house. There are a few things missing, like a classic button sofa in black, but I haven’t found the perfect one yet. Or maybe I did, but it’s a bit out of my client’s budget.

These black table lamps give the home office a nice touch: perfect form and colour, I think.

I’ve designed this desk right when I opened my first studio. I was pretty much inspired by stainless steel, exploring how “industrial materials and aesthetics” could be used in the domestic environment.
It was my working desk for a while, but my client had convinced me to sell it to her. I’m very happy she has it since.

The original desk top was in clear glass, but my client decided to change to smoked glass, as the previous deco was around brown and beige. That’s the beauty of stainless steel – it goes with everything without losing its personality!

The desk structure is designed in tubular steel contrasting the square and round tubes with one being half thickness to the other one. The material is quite powerful to speak for itself.
Desk designed in 2002.

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