Eliana Tomaz

Pink Is The New Black.

Eliana Tomaz5 Comments
I started the year inspired by pink & black. I love to see these two colours together. I find them perfect to style a hall and living room, especially if they’re small spaces.
Both together balance the minimalism of black and the girlish attitude.

A living room with these two colours is like a man in a black Armani suit with pink tie (or even more daring, pink socks). Both look to me very charming.
And to go with this background, why not glass vases and bowels, black candles, black crystal chandelier, pink ceramics, mother-of-pearl deco and smoked black glass candles stands.

Imagine a space all in black & white and a big black & white Picasso on a bright pink wall. Would look great!

Doily + Tulle - both perfect to detail the interior space.

To style in style.

More inspiration to get in a pink mood, the colour of friendship.In Portugal it´s quite popular to find houses painted in pink, especially if traditional architecture.

A pink door in Notting Hill, London.

Two lost clouds and the blue sky loosing intensity toward the earth is so beautiful and inspiring, isn’t it?

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