Eliana Tomaz

Minotti @ imm Cologne, Germany.

Eliana Tomaz3 Comments
Last Friday I had the pleasure and opportunity to visit imm in Cologne for a couple of days. Interesting fair to visit, though I have to say I was expecting to see many other bigger names in there.
Nevertheless there are a few furniture brands I would like to outline for their elegance, colour and design concept.

Starting with Minotti, as it is one of my high-end favorite brands.

The most beautiful, elegant and very delicate display was by Minotti. Dark walls outlining the sofas design, leathers looking as they are silk, colour details, reflective surfaces and beautiful shiny lacquers. Hope you like what you see.

This table is so elegant. It is as if the glass is floating.

Detail. Detail. Detail. It is all about elegant details.

The way the surrounds reflect on the shinny surfaces is just beautiful.

Perfect sofa layout for your home cinema.

See you in Milan.

Visit Minotti London at Margaret Street – you’re going to definitely love it.