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Laban by Herzog & de Meuron.

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Herzog & de Meuron are known in the architectural world for many great projects they’ve accomplished (+ a Pritzker Prize in 2001). Simple aesthetics together with precise architectural details are indeed they’re signature.
Laban Contemporary Dance is one of my favorite projects: it transmits lightness through materials and design details, the building asymmetry is almost like an illusion and the façade panels give that touch of colour sometimes difficult to achieve in architecture.

The following photographs were shot a few years ago when I was working on an academic project. I was designing a performing space and I went there to do my spatial research, exactly when I came up with the concept of “a space within a space”, part of this blog’s name.

Asymmetric ends.

The curve on the edge of a rectangular façade (if it makes any sense to you).

The symmetric perspective.

Surroundings and their reflections.

As if it's floating (or maybe landing).

Details that really make the difference.

Nothing touches nothing and everything is part of the whole.

Next time I’ve the opportunity to go there it has to be at night. The building aesthetics are breathtaking.

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