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A Gift To Abbott Laboratories.

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For 2 days I’ve been thinking what I should blog about on the first of 2010. I’ve so much to talk about, to design, to photograph, to sketch… So after digging in my design and photography archives I’ve decided to post about a project I’ve enjoyed a lot to work on. Quite challenging as it was the first product I’ve designed.

C&C commissioned me to design a product to Abbott Laboratories. The brief was a gift to be given to 120 doctors as Abbott was presenting a new diagnosis machine.

My concept was to design a versatile object which could be interpreted in different ways to different uses. I've chosen ceramics, as the west coast of Portugal is rich in small industries in this field. I had barely a week to design and produce the gift, meaning no time to make nice moodboards or technical drawings. Basically everything was discussed with hand sketches between the ceramist and I.

The object’s drying before being painted.

The plate outline was painted in Abbott Diagnosis colour.

For the plate centre I’ve chosen turquoise, light green, orange and red. Unfortunately I don’t have photos with the first two.

C&C had asked me as well to style the room where the symposium was meant to happen. I’ve chosen a mix of flowers, representing the laboratory colours (blue and dark red), to be placed on the dining tables and on the curtains to make the room more dressed up.

The event had happened at the Marriott Hotel in Praia d’El Rei, West Coast of Portugal.

Project designed and made in 2004.