Eliana Tomaz

Gervasoni @ imm Cologne, Germany.

Eliana TomazComment
Gervasoni’s collection presented at imm was pretty well designed – sophisticated and timeless yet relaxed. Even though dark colours like black and chocolate brown are part of the colour scheme it looked quite summery. The orange really brighten it up and the handwoven giant calamus gives that chic touch any space in the French Riviera or a balcony in Venice would shout for.

These consistent white touches all over the space balance so nicely this style.

The oversize knitting footstools and shelter look alike walls really created a nice environment.

No doubts this is the right furniture to have in a second house, and I’m not sure if because of the colours or scenario, it would look perfect either by the sea or even on the mountain.

The eclectic set of chairs marries very well the relaxed style approach.

This chair is such a reference to me. Quite popular design in the 70's back in Portugal: I remember to seat (very often) in, what we used to call, the yellow cone, as it was painted in bright yellow.

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