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Welcome 2010.

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Tomorrow is the last day of 2009! Can't believe! Everything went so fast, as always.
This has been a year to catch up with myself in every single areas of my life. And I must say I am very happy, indeed. Small, yet good things have happened and I’m ready to accomplish what 2010 has to give.

Now it’s time to assess 2009 and plan 2010.

Things I didn't do in 2009 but I wanted to:
- Go to EXD 09 in Lisbon.
- Visit MUDE in Lisbon.

Things I’ve done without planning (and turned out to be fantastic):
- Open my blog, this blog.
- Short Course in Baroque Interiors and Decoration at The V&A.
- Short Course in Digital Photography and Photoshop at CMS.
- My first photograph shown in a Private Exhibition. You can see it here (That Boy).
- My new professional challenge at Minotti London by EDC

Things I have to do in 2010:
- Visit New York City.
- Hand sketch at least once a week, even if it's only a square (which I do all the time). So next year this day I have to post 53 sketches.
- Develop further my doilies concept for an accessories summer collection.
- Develop a project I have for some time in my design drawer (update you later).
- Work on a photography project I have in my photography drawer (called The Inventory Of My Home Town).

Things I would love to do in 2010:
- Visit the Salone Internazionable del Mobile, Milan
- Visit the Maison Object, Paris

Somewhere... Wherever you want to be...

2010 is going to be a great year.
Think big. Act accordingly.
Happy 2010.