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In Portugal, With Love - Santa Rita, Maceira

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This is the last of five posts about spaces and other spaces I like to spend time at. The first was about Braga, then Porto, after Coimbra, of course Lisboa, and the last but never the least my beautiful home town Santa Rita-Maceira.
This is the only space I can get some rest. Even though I know everyone and everyone knows me, I’m able to switch off from the world and recharge all energies I need to feed my cosmopolitan life.

I don’t think I can describe with words this little corner in the world. Have a look at the following photos and let me know what you would do at such beautiful space.

To be very honest with you, I don’t really know the story of this cross, but I find it quite powerful the way it stands on the hill.

The road I take for a morning walk (every time I can).

The same road as above, but very close to the sea.

Sunset on Christmas day in 2007 – One of the most beautiful pink sunsets I’ve never seen.
(The photo was taken with my mobile, therefore quality is quite low)

Summer sunset.

My favorite beach in the world.

Where the river meets the sea.

My favorite view.

What you see along the walk to the beach.

PS – I keep calling places spaces as for me they fit my “other spaces” category.