Eliana Tomaz

Give It Some Colour.

Eliana Tomaz3 Comments
In my design the underline is always “give it some colour”. I love colour – it’s energy, elegance, personality and that final touch everyone looks for when we’re talking about aesthetics.
The followings pictures were taken last week in Portugal. This building is pretty old, architecturally very Portuguese and the colour just outstands every single detail. It’s a perfect example of how colour is so important in design and architecture.
A façade to remember forever.

The surface has an interesting texture/roughness which gives even more detail and personality.

The windows frame in brown doesn’t only standout but make the façade even brighter.

The pavement “Calçada Portuguesa” is the perfect scenario for such building – It looks like a doily.


It used to be quite popular to have the owner’s initials engraved on the door frame. Something interesting to bring back to design and architecture. (I like the idea of material ownership visual to everyone).

The surroundings.

Aesthetically the building is interesting as a whole: asymmetric architecture painted in vibrant hue and white frame, dark brown doors and windows. Perfect combination.

Give it some colour in 2010. It’s going to be a bright and energetic year for all of us!