Eliana Tomaz

Crochet Doilies & Fashion Accessories.

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Following the concept of a crochet doily (napperon in French) used on table tops and sometimes sofas, these beautiful crochet ornaments are meant to be worn together with fashion accessories. The idea is to embellish and restyle accessories you already have such as brooches, hats or even hairpins.

They’ve been quite a success since I started to wear them: I’ve had many comments, some quite funny actually. I hope you like the concept as much as I do.

Feather Hairpin.

Crystal Hairpin.

This one was sold. I’m loving the idea to see friends wearing them around London. Thanks Cris.

All of them are unique designs and handcrafted by me. Soon I’ll post my latest little side project: crochet cuffs. They're gorgeous!

PS – I could have them photographed on jackets or hats, but what I want is you to imagine where they better suit your style. Let me know where…

Design Side Note: In design I love to challenge scale and function and I must say I'm very happy with the result of this little side project.