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Polka Dots Xmas.

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Christmas for me is all about happiness, gathering and above all playfulness. That was exactly my concept: a playful Christmas for children and indeed for adults. I wanted to feel movement everywhere.

This was one of the most rewarding styling projects I’ve done back in Portugal: a home christmas styling. My clients, who I didn’t know before this project, booked an appointment with me Friday late. The brief was simply “we want a happy red and silver Christmas”.
Saturday I bought a few things; Sunday I worked on the concept, painted a few things in silver and red and finished my shopping; and Monday styled the hall and the living room. Everything in 3 days. Freedom to do what I wanted was, indeed key for success.
They had no idea what I had in mind. Simply knew that I was sticking things on the wall, as I called to get permission. Total surprise when they got back home that Monday evening.

I knew they would love it or hate it. A challenge I had in hands. As soon as they got in, a smile in their faces couldn’t be hidden. And when they got to see the polka dots wall… I felt the most happy and lucky woman on earth. No one could hide their smiles.
It was a success to everyone involved. Later, they told me xmas decoration was an excuse to invite friends over for dinner for the whole December and that everyone loved it.

I must say I was, and still am, very proud of this project. Every opportunity I have I talk about it, like today.
Thank you Dina and Nuno Costa. It was a pleasure to design for your family.

The wood silver xmas trees were designed and painted by me. My local carpenter made them.

Feathers. Tulle. Paper. Organza. Silk. Spray painting . Vinyl stickers. Wood. Wire. Christmas deco.

I wish everyone a happy xmas preparation.

I’m available to style flats, shops and offices for xmas celebrations. Contact me if you’re interested.

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