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Concept: A Big Christmas Box.

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There’s one thing I love to design and admire: spatial installations and shop windows. I don’t do it for a while, but lately I’ve been driven to design an imaginary shop window (which I’m going to include on my portfolio). Hope you get inspiration from it. I would love to hear from you.

A space styled with layers and layers of tulle and knitted snowflakes.

To keep the knitted snowflakes they’ve to be attached on cardboard.

The idea is to have a light bulb in the centre of each snowflake.

An imaginary christmas box full of tulle and knitted snowflakes in white and red.

Materials: White and red tulle. Wool. Cardboard. Light bulb. Lead strings.

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A story behind this 2D christmas styling: when I was in primary school I (we) had a class about christmas tree decoration. We had to choose one of the two (and of course to say why): a super well decorated one and another one with no deco but a star on the very top. Somehow, I feel the styling for this window started when I remembered this class I had many many years ago.

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