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All these photographs have been inspiring me lately.
Rethink. Restart. Rebirth.
Get inspired.

This is one of the most beautiful dead spaces I've ever seen. To see the clouds through the non existing roof from the outside is so inspiring. Beautiful different point of view.

This house is abandoned. And they say it has bad spirits. And I say I want to give it life again.

Pigeon coop. A space where pigeons gather. An animal space I want to understand to develop my skills as a spatial designer.

Small windows. Small door. The advertisement of Singer, a stereotypically domestic woman’s product. What story has this space to tell? How can it be reinterpreted?

A church in the middle of nowhere. What could it be now? Reinterpret a spiritual space? Leave it as it is? Or give it some life, real life? How many stories can a space like this could tell us?

A gate seems to me always a fragile structure, although very intimidating. Makes me to stop. Makes me think twice if I really want to go through. Should I then redesign a gate?

By the way, I would love to put my hands on all these spaces as the existing start to reuse them.

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