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Perfect Paper.

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I love books. I believe I’ve more books at home than any other objects, if I can call a book an object. Well, I can argue it’s an object of inspiration, knowledge and even an object of decoration like a Chanel or a Cartier table book.

The last one I bought is a preciosity. The content is rich and the design very attractive. It’s called Perfect Paper. It’s “a book of work in paper by today’s artists, architects, illustrators, graphic designers, industrial designers, fashion designers and photographers with varying intentions, processes of making and aesthetics styles.”

It has 4 chapters: Illustrative Paper-cuts, Arty Objects, Interiors & Installations and Papering the Body. It includes projects by Holly Ormrod , Jordy Yu Fu , Publique Living , Sounds of Silence, Tokujin Yoshioka Design and Violise Lunn just to name a few.

When I came across to this book, “In Praise of Shadows” by Junichiro Tanizaki was constantly in my mind. He writes: “Paper, I understand, was invented by the Chinese; but western paper is to us no more than something to be used, while the texture of Chinese paper and Japanese paper gives us a certain feeling of warmth, of calm and repose. Even the same white could be as well be one colour for Western paper and another for our own. Western paper turns away the light, while our paper seems to take it in, to envelop it gently, like the soft surface of a first snowfall. It gives off no sound when it is crumpled or folded, it is quiet and pliant to the touch as the leaf of a tree.”

All the projects featured in Perfect Paper you can see and feel every word Tanizaki’s describes about Chinese and Japanese paper.
They’re both books to have, to read over and over again and to give to special people in your life.
If you're in London, you can find both books at Victoria and Albert Museum Bookshop