Eliana Tomaz

Pavilion of Art Design London.

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"A designer can never be original. Everything I use or apply comes from the existing world. I simply give it a personal touch but I don’t invent anything. A designer’s greatest achievement is to change the perspective of things a little" – Jurgen Bey

Carpenters Workshop Gallery London UK

Vincent Dubourg
Nouvelle Zélande
Edition of 8 + 4AP

Recomended Books:
"Limited Edition - Prototypes, One-offs and Design Art Furniture" by Sophie Levell
"Design / Art - Limited Editions" published by Stichting Kunstboek

Todd Marrill Studio Contemporary New York City USA

Joseph Walsh
Formations Dining Table
Burr Olive Ash and Olive Ash
Edition of 12 Unique Variations

Recomended Books:
"Modern Americana - Studio Furniture From High Craft to High Glam" edited by Todd Merrill & Julie V. Iovine

You can find all these books at the V&A Bookshop
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