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Javier Mariscal @ Design Museum.

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When it comes to exhibition design, Design Museum in London is one of the best. The space is always engaging, communicative and very inspiring.
“Mariscal - Drawing Life” is another perfect example. This exhibition is on for another week, until the 1st of November.

“I don’t think that it’s good idea to explain what is behind the drawings, to analyse them or try to justify them with theories. Nor do I think there is anything to understand; they can simply be looked at and enjoyed. Interpret them in the most personal way possible.” – Javier Mariscal

“Mariscal - Drawing Life consists of thirteen installations that explore the way in which Mariscal sees the world, and the ways in which he uses drawing.” – Design Museum

Shower Tunnel - An installation of 640 illustrated ideas that represent Mariscal's visual language from 1970 to 2009.

Editorial Curtains - Composition made using the instalments published by Editorial Salvat of the 'Diseño con Mariscal' encyclopaedia, designed and directed by Estudio Mariscal.

Letters Wall - A typographic composition built using original pypefaces by Mariscal.
Visual Identities - A collage made from deconstructing the visual identities for post-production and FX company, Framestore; the bank, Bancaja and the America's Cup sporting event.
Editorial Curtains - Composition made using The New Yorker, El País Semanal and Apo magazines published between 1990 and 2004 with covers designed by Mariscal.

Interiors & Other Interventions - A video-collage made using images of the Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao, the Metropole cafeteria and the Splash & Crash bar, the Ikea restaurant, the H&M shop and artistic interventions.

Interiors & Other Interventions.

Interiors & Other Interventions.

Joie de Vivre - A visual allegory of the joy of living (Barcelona, 2009) represented as an installation of fragments from the Mediterranean coastline.
(My note: the rug was designed by Mariscal to Nanimarquina , my very favorite rug company)

Señor Mundo 'Chapel' - An installation with 225 illustrated messages from Sr. Mundo that were published in El País newspaper, 1994.

Photographs by Eliana Tomás.