Eliana Tomaz

Inside Out.

Eliana TomazComment
Berlin is a city full of beautiful and inspiring surprises. The following photographs are a good example of it.
A few years ago I did a project for college about the Serpentine Gallery and the Summer Pavillion (London). The main concept was to link the central room inside the gallery with the pavilion.
The reason why I’m mentioning this is because my first concept was to turn around the inside walls to the outside, which is exactly what this german façade looks like.
What was once an interior space is now facing a central square: plaster wall details, lamps, a fireplace and the mirror above it. Everything is behind a glass wall in a very unaesthetic stainless steel frame lightened in bold colours, but it was a very nice viewpoint. I look at these photographs and I see different momentums in architecture and interiors, somehow compatible. We all have seen projects like this one. But above all, what triggers my creativity is the “inside out”.
These photographs together with my first one at Rebirth challenges what means inside, outside and in between. How can I use this inspiration in my interior design projects? Do you find it inspiring?

If you click on each image you can see the details. They look to me Baroque Interiors.

PS – When I took these photographs I didn’t have a tripod. Apologies for the out of focus. Hope you still enjoy and get inspiration from them.