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Consultoria em Design de Interiores. | Interiors Consultancy.

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Do dia 15 ao dia 26 de Dezembro vou estar em Portugal. Pode contactar-me através do numero +44 77677 222 97 ou por email para tomaseliana@gmail.com se estiver à procura de Personal Shopper ou Consultoria para Interiores.

From the 15th until the 26th of December I’ll be in Portugal. Feel free to contact me on +44(0) 77677 222 97 or email me on tomaseliana@gmail.com if you’re looking for Interiors Personal Shopper or Interiors consultancy.

Lighting by Aureliano Toso (Italy). Bedside table by Adal Biaccio (Spain). Rug by Nanimarquina (Spain). Organza by Aldeco (Portugal). Bespoke mirror by Eliana.

Windows Styling by Eliana Tomás

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