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Welcome to Autumn.

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For the past week I’ve been inspiried by Autumn.
It represents to me a transition and an urge to retreat. Earthy colours are inviting to spend more time at home with a nice cup of tea.
I could only post a few pictures with sofas, curtains and vases, as this is an Interior Design blog, but instead I thought I could only inspire you with textures, colours and materials.
This article is just about inspiration to style your space. I hope you find your way.

Velvet. Organza. Silk. Leather. Paper. Paint. Brass. Ceramic. And just a touch of wood.

Crocodile textures. Pony skin leather. And a touch of floral pattern.

Brass chandelier. Leather cushions. Wallpaper screens. Velvet curtains.

Texture. Texture. It's all about texture.

Leather. Organza. Pearls. Beautiful combination.

One day I want to style a house with pearls… their imperfection gives them so much character, beauty and charm.

Pearls and organza to style the bedrom.

Fendi Casa leather sampe: iguana pattern.

Enjoy an end of the day walk in a Fall day...

The sunset: a moment to retreat.
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