Eliana Tomaz

Stripe it again.

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Simplest of patterns. Maximum impact. Extremely elegant. Impossible not to be noticed. Timeless. Stripes forever.

An home office I’ve designed a couple of years ago – Braga, Portugal.
The concept was pretty simple: a splash of colour, keeping the space balanced.
In one wall I’ve designed the stripes (bottle green & white), the other is totally green (where the window is) and the other 2 walls are pure white.

Bespoke painted stripes and white Ikea shelves.
“Communicating with patterns – Stripes (handy book on stripes @ V&A bookshop)

More stripes and green inspiration.

Fabrics – Designers Guild.

Stripes in perspective.

“All my life I have sought the simplicity of a single line” – Antoine Watteau.
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